Be strong!

do appreciate every moment.

Okay everyone *waving*. i'm back after a few week iGuess. okay. Can you see the Title and the picture? can you? >o<  Hm. Lately,i always not in mood,cry,sad and not happy as usual. i dont know what is the reason. BUT i know how can i solve the problem.

The ONLY way to solve the problem IS :-

Just create a SMILE. So then,you can live happily. You dont have to think about others people 'cacian,fitnah' or what ever. Just think of yourself and be patient :-)

hm. this is so true! x(

Okay. You know what is the reason that make me sad,cried a lot and create a FAKE smile? do you know? okay now i wanna tell you.

First thing IS :-

~> I lost my bestfriend.
~> I put too much hope and trust to other people like junior.
~> i miss my arwah abah badly.......
~> Last Exam is coming soon..... HM.

So MAYBE this is the reason why do i have to be strong. i just cant cry everyday,create a fake smile almost everyday,create a fake laugh everyday. HM. i'm tired. seriously..................................
I feel like i'm a useless person and i feel like i'm an invisible girl.

 hm. people always said that there was Karma and i hope so this is not a karma thing and so on. HMM.

so i have no more idea anymore. i got to go.

#Sorry for the bad Grammar.

안녕히 가세요 :-) Assalamualaikum.



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